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The solution for those long flights

For those that fly frequently, or those that often have long flights, you know that getting up and moving around the plane can be a hassle, but continually sitting during long flights can be bad for your circulation.

I've found a new product that could help with that problem. It's called Leggage. It's a laptop case with a built in foot massager! It slides, easily, under the seat in front of you, and once you're in flight, your laptop is far easier to extract than it would be in the overhead bin. Plus you have the added advantage of being able to slide off your shoes and have a nice foot massage that will stimulate the circulation in your feet and legs.

Another advantage of carrying a Leggage Computer Case is for those of us that are shorter, we can rest our feet on top of the case without worrying about damaging our laptop or other electronics. The massage side of the case is hard plastic, and has ridges that you can rub your feet across.

I even like using my Leggage at home when I have a lot of computer work to do. It sits under my desk and I can massage my feet while I work.

Leggage also has a long, wide outer sleeve on the front that fits perfectly over the handle of your luggage. So instead of fighting your laptop case while you run through the airport, you can slide the case over the handle and it's not going anywhere but where it's supposed to be.

Inside the case, there are separate areas for your laptop, cords, important papers, pens and more. On the front of the case, which is soft, are places to keep your cell phone, passport or other items you may need quick access to.

Overall I was impressed with the multiple use function of this case. It's very well put together and offers a lot of protection for valuable electronics, and it offers easy access to remove your computer at security areas.

The Leggage Computer Case is available on their website for $79.99, which is a great price for this case.
- August 13, 2014

Are you a frequent flyer? Or do you take long flights? If so, let me introduce you to Leggage!

If you're a frequent flyer or even if you just take long flights to your vacation destination, then you need to check out this great computer case from Leggage!

The first thing that impressed me about Leggage when I got mine, was the size, it's the perfect size for my laptop and has plenty of space for my cords and files and everything else, yet, it's a comfortable size and lightweight so it will be easy to carry in the airport.

Another HUGE plus is the way it attaches to my suitcase! Have you ever been hurrying through the airport and have your laptop case swinging around on the handle of your luggage because it worked it's way loose? UGH! I hate that! Leggage has a deep, wide, pocket that fits over the handle of your luggage and keeps it there, it's the perfect solution! It's not going anywhere but where it's supposed to be! I think this is one of my favorite features!!

But Leggage also has another purpose. Most of us don't fly first class, so we're kinda stuck in coach, all squished together like sardines in a can, which isn't a lot of fun to start with, but on longer flights, we also need to keep the blood circulating in our legs, so we usually crawl across our fellow passengers, into the aisle and walk up and down the aisle for a few minutes, before climbing back over the other passengers and back into our seat. But if you carry your computer in a Leggage case, you can slide it up under the seat in front of you, slip off your shoes and enjoy a great foot massage while in flight! This helps get the blood circulating in your feet and legs, which is very important to your health.

The massage part of the case is hard plastic, so your computer stays safe, while you enjoy your massage. I even use this at home to massage my feet when they ache and it feels really good!
- The Cutest Blog July 30, 2014

Leggage: A laptop case that massages your tired feet
It's time for lazy laptop cases to step up and do more. The Leggage protects your computer and soothes your feet.

The Leggage laptop case will appeal to a certain kind of person. The kind of person who isn't afraid to whip off their shoes in the middle of a flight, slide their laptop case out from the seat in front of them, and rub their feet all over the top of it. This may sound at least mildly weird, but there is some thought behind the massage madness.

The Leggage is a $79.99 case designed to hold a laptop, files, small gadgets, and other business-travel accoutrements. The top of it is formed from an angled surface with ridges running along it. It's like having a passive foot massager with you at all times. Slip it under your desk at work, take it when you travel, or relax around the house with it. The creators of Leggage see it as a way to help stimulate blood circulation when you've been sitting for a long time.

Unfortunately, this is not a powered massager, so any thoughts you might have about your laptop case coming to life and delivering a shiatsu massage to your tired tootsies is out the window. You'll have to do the work of rubbing your feet over it, which no doubt feels pretty good, especially after a long day of trotting around in your sensible I-mean-business shoes.

You can fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop into the case, which weighs just a hair over 3 pounds and is sized to qualify as a carry-on bag for flights. While the ridges give it a bit of an unusual industrial sort of look, most people will never suspect its real purpose. It's probably just a matter of time before it shows up in the SkyMall catalog.

The Leggage case is one more entry in a growing field of unusual designs aimed at offering relaxation options on the go. Perhaps it could be combined with the Ostrich Pillow and the Windcatcher Air Pakk for a complete set of chill-out gear.
c|net August 21, 2014

Leggage Carries Laptops, Massages Feet

Intercontinental trips are fun, but they can also take a toll on your body – especially on your feet. Seeing that most people can't live without their laptops or tablets these days, it makes sense to get a case that could somehow address both these situations, doesn't it? And a case like that comes in the form of Leggage.

Leggage is a case designed to hold most of your gadgets, from your laptop and tablet to your smartphones and music players. Leggage can fit up to 15.6-inch laptops and weighs a little over three pounds. It also doubles as a foot massager with it's ridged and angled surface giving your feet some TLC when you most need it. It's important to note these design elements because the Leggage isn't a powered massager; rather, you have to do part of the work by rubbing the soles of your feet against it.
- Technabob September 5, 2014

Leggage Laptop Case Gives You A Foot Massage On Those Long Flights

The only thing more unpleasant about flying than having the seat in front of you jammed into your knees, is not being able to get back into your shoes at the end of a long flight because they swelled up so darn much. They say you should get up and walk around, but it's not always possible to move that monolith next to you, snoring his day away. The Leggage laptop case features ribbed and angled hard surfaces that give you up to 9 different massaging positions. Just place your case on the floor and rub your feet all over it, angling them up and down and promoting circulation. Then stand right back up like you haven't just been confined to a flying box of sardines for 12 hours. You can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches inside the case, and only comes in black. It's $80.
- ratermob September 4, 2014

LEGGAGE Laptop Case Massages Your Feet

What's better than a laptop case? One that could relax your feet. The LEGGAGE Laptop Case offers exactly that. It has a massage exterior surface and supports multiple position for your feet and legs. LEGGAGE promotes better blood circulation in your feet and relieves pressure. Makes a perfect gift for constant travelers.
- gadgetify September 2, 2014

Leggage Laptop Case – the bag that comes with its own foot massage service

Do you have bad feet? Do they hurt after a long day? Or in the middle of the day? Or just all the time? If you wish you had a way to massage your feet with you at all times, then the Leggage Laptop Case is the case for you.

It looks a little funny. One side is flat and the other is raised and ridged, which means it's not attractive. But then again, functional things rarely are. Also, your flat laptop case won't give you a way to massage your feet when they're tired and hungry. Unfortunately, this isn't some sort of vibrating bag, instead you have to run your feet over the case yourself manufally, but that is actually part of the purpose of the product, as it is designed to force you to move your legs and so help your blood circulation.

Originally this case was designed for people who spent long hours traveling on planes, to help them maintain blood flow. Which is a great idea, but I'm really imagining it under my work desk for various more static benefits. The case features inside pockets to hold ID, important paperwork as well as mouse and cables for your computer. Of course it will also protect your laptop on bumpy rides. The Leggage Laptop Case is $79.99.
- The Red Ferret September 1, 2014

Leggage laptop case offers foot massage during long distance travels

Leggage is a unique laptop case that along with carrying your stuff to your destination will also serve as massager for you. Offering an innovative solution to provide comfort to the travelers during long distance flights, the one of a kind laptop case comes with a relaxing massage exterior surface. The sleek and eye-catching laptop case has been under development for more than two years and now is available to the market. Long distance travel can result in poor blood circulation due to lack of motion. Leggage massage exterior surface helps in increasing blood circulation and help you relax in comfort.

The unique patent pending ergonomic design comes with a ridged outer surface on both low angle surface and high angle surface allowing multiple massage positions for both feet and legs. Polycarbonate hard shell provides durability and extra safety to your laptop. Leggage laptop case has a transparent inside pocket to carry passport or important documents and there is plenty of space in the added pockets to carry mouse, pen, headphones and other necessities. Once you are through with the trip, you can comfortably carry it by holding the leather padded handle or hang it on your shoulder with the help of removable and adjustable ergonomic shoulder strap. The foot massaging Leggage laptop case comes with a price tag of $80.
- DamnGeeky September 3, 2014

Leggage Laptop case serves as a foot massager for you

The only bad thing you'll experience on a long flight is that you cannot comfortably stretch out your legs, and at the end of a long stressful flight you may find it difficult to get back into your shoes because the feet have swollen up due to lack of activity. Leggage is a unique laptop case that offers comfort to travelers who are on the go most of the time.

Its innovative design offers relaxing massage to your feet. The designers took two years to craft this sleek and eye-catching laptop case it is now for sale. The ridged exteriors can flex to low or high angle with the surface offering you up to 9 different massaging positions. Just place Leggage under your feet and rub your feet over it, this helps in promoting blood circulation and helps you relax in comfort. In addition to your laptop, you can also carry other stuff like passport, headphones, snacks, a tablet, and other essential accessories in this bag.

Once you reach your destination, use the leather padded handle to carry it along or hang it over your shoulder with the help of removable and adjustable ergonomic shoulder strap. Chic isn't it?
- The Geeky Globe September 5, 2014

Five smart bags to carry your belongings in style
2. Leggage laptop bag

Unique laptop case which can help you relax your feet in-flight. Yes, a solution you always wanted in your long flights. Dubbed the Leggage, the laptop bag doubles as a massager for you. The smart bag, made from polycarbonate hard shell, has exterior good to give you a relaxing massage to both feet and legs. Leggage laptop case also features transparent inside pocket to carry your valuables safely.
- DesignCot September 5, 2014