What size laptops can be used with LEGGAGE

LEGGAGE is designed to carry up to 15.6 inch laptops.

My parents are flying long distance and would like to use LEGGAGE as carryon bag only. Can LEGGAGE be used by non-laptop users?

Absolutely. Non Laptop users can use LEGGAGE as carry-on bag. Laptop pocket can be used to carry other essentials

I like the beautiful design and integrated massager with laptop bag functionality of LEGGAGE but do not travel long distance. Can I use LEGGAGE for day to day office work?

Yes. One of the major causes for discomfort in a long sitting position is poor blood circulation in the extremities cause by lack of motion and pressure points on the body from sitting in a certain position. Massaging function of LEGGAGE can be helpful to anyone who requires to sit in same position for long time.

Will LEGGAGE easily fit under most airlines seats?

The outer dimensions of LEGGAGE are 16.0 inch wide, 12.5 inch tall and 5.3 inch deep (40.6 cm by 31.8 cm by 13.5 cm). These dimensions should easily fit under most airline seats. However, some airline seats may have support legs or other obstructions in the middle of the front seat which may not allow LEGGAGE bags to be positioned properly for its massaging function.

I would like to introduce LEGGAGE to all employees in my company who frequently travel long distance. Do you offer corporate discounts?

Investment in LEGGAGE is an excellent way to reward your hardworking employees. Please consult our sales department by sending an email to Sales@LEGGAGE.com and one of our sales representative will be in touch with you to discuss available corporate discounts.

What color options are available?

LEGGAGE is currently available in black color only. Other color options will be introduced later based on customer feedback. If you have a preference for any specific color please send us an email at Support@LEGGAGE.com.

What warranties are offered with LEGGAGE? What is your return policy?

Warranty and Return Policy can be found under Customer Service Section

"LEGGAGE. A Unique Patent Pending Laptop Case with a Massage Exterior Surface Designed for Long Distance Travelers."