A Unique Laptop Case with a Massage Exterior Surface Designed for Long Distance Travelers

Long Flights... Tired Legs

Travel Relaxed with LEGGAGE!!

LEGGAGE is Ergonomically Designed to Improve Blood Circulation and Enhances Relaxation during Long Flights.

Travel in Style

LEGGAGE's Sleek Design, Aesthetically Contoured Angles and Elegant Surface Finish of LEGGAGE™ results in a Eye-Catching case Everyone will Notice and Ask About.

Durable Hard Shell

Durable Polycarbonate Hard Shell provides Superior Protection for your Valuables.


Our vision is to think “out of the box” and create innovative yet simple solutions that make a difference in everyday life. Everyone knows how uncomfortable travelling long distance can be and it is this problem that inspired us to find a solution.

LEGGAGE is a "one of a kind" laptop case designed for long distance travelers. We believe this unique combination of sleek "eye catching" laptop case with a relaxing massage exterior surface and protective hard shell will revolutionize long distance travel. We have been in the development process for over two years and couldn’t be more excited to introduce this product to the market.

Core Benefits

  • Long sitting position results in poor blood circulation in the extremities caused by lack of motion. Utilizing the LEGGAGE massage exterior surface can increase blood circulation and help you relax in comfort.
  • Unique patent pending ergonomic LEGGAGE design has massage exterior ridge surface on both low angle surface and high angle surface. These surfaces allow multiple massage positions for feet and legs.
  • Transparent inside pocket to carry passport or important documents and added pockets to carry mouse, pen, and other essentials.
  • Durable Polycarbonate hard shell provides added protection to your laptop.
  • Pass through "quick access" pocket slides over luggage pull-out handles.
  • Removable and adjustable ergonomic shoulder strap.
  • Dedicated zippered inside pocket to store chargers and power chord.

Testimonials / Reviews

Long-distance flying has changed in the last three decades and cramped airline seats make it hard to keep my feet and knees elevated. I have tried several mechanisms to make these coast-to-coast flights more comfortable and recently saw an advertisement for Leggage on my airport parking shuttle. This product solves many of my travel issues: protection for my laptop, comfort during long flights and space for all my travel essentials in a bag that slides on the handle of my carry-on. It's great to arrive at my destination ready to walk, drive and work!

Cindy C. Parman
Principal, Coding Strategies; Georgia, USA

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"LEGGAGE. A Unique Patent Pending Laptop Case with a Massage Exterior Surface Designed for Long Distance Travelers."